I WAS BROKEN is a film that was made for the mere passion of filmmaking. In a way, it's a love letter to God, thanking him for the gifts and blessings he's bestowed upon me and the rest of the cast and crew. Both my wife, Jo Haskin, and I, will be forever humbled by the work that each and every person involved in this film has blessed us with, and forever thankful for God's undoubted presence throughout the production process and beyond.


Religion, faith, and day-to-day life isn't easy for anyone, regardless of whether or not you're Saved, Agnostic, Atheist or other… Jo and I both felt it was time for a film that had God as a focal point, but was reflective of real characters, pure and flawed in their actions, living with the true consequences of bad decisions, living in this reality, this world, with and without faith.

As a first time feature director, it was important to me to exhume as much honesty as humanly possible, pulling as much truth as I could from the character's actions, not sugar coating the life of a believer and belittling the life of someone living in extreme doubt of their faith. I do not believe that people are saved and then BOOM! life is amazing and everything is great from there on out. I believe when people are saved, that it's the beginning of a beautiful, profound, and everlasting relationship, one that should be constantly worked on, one that is filled with doubt, happiness, glory, struggle, depression, prayer, more prayer, sadness, humility, bad decision making, good decision making, perfection and sin. I believe this relationship is a lot like a marriage of sorts, where communication with the one you love leads you to success in this world, within your heart, and most importantly, with God. That is what we tried to do with this film, portray the life of a man who made the worst decision possible, costing him everything he had in this world. Jesse is pure, yet extremely flawed, his heart is big, yet extremely fragile. His faith is dark and he is completely broken and misguided because he's relying on himself to walk. His brokenness is what will possibly give him the greatest gift of all, but only through forgiveness and accountability of his own actions, and the generosity, forgiveness and love, of the one person who shouldn't love him at all.

I WAS BROKEN is a character study of how two estranged brothers work together through the worst scenario imaginable. It's about family, relationships, love, survival, and the willingness to commit the most unselfish act of all. We're all walking down a path, a Divine path. And this film will hopefully show us all, that the path of least resistance, is seldom the path one should take.

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