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I WAS BROKEN is an edgy faith-based drama about two brothers torn apart by a family tragedy. Jesse, a homeless-ex-convict with a hardened heart, walks the streets bearing the guilt of a life changing decision he made years ago, and his brother Wayne, a widower with strong faith, struggling with the memories of the life he once had. After a spiritual encounter spooks Jesse, he shows up at Wayne’s home. Together, they’re forced to deal with the lingering pain of the past, while trying to repair their relationship with God and each other.

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"I Was Broken" Soundtrack

1. Why Use Me? 4:40
2. Hold Me 3:31
3. Be Glorified 3:25
4. Miss Guided 4:45
5. Down to the River to Pray 3:55
6. I Am Weak, I Am Broken 4:07
7. For You 3:36
8. Cannot Be Contained 4:14
9. Jesus Loves Me 4:26
10. I Was Broken (score) 2:00
11. Trains & Tunnels (score) 2:47
12. Pictures (score) 1:53
12. Alley (score) 1:26
13. Bar Run (score) 1:22

Hannah Porter: I Was Broken (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)